Product and Service
The Job Dispatch and Tracking System (JDTS) is a solution for the organization to improve the operation efficiency and quality in their mobile workforces. With the initial focus for the transportation and logistics industry, the system able to extend to all other industries that require streamline their workflow through process automation and mobile communication.
System Introduction
JDTS including (i) Mobile Client Application, running on smartphone or tablet client device, support mobile OS such including Android, iOS and Windows Phone, (ii) Web-based JDTS Backend Application.

The JDTS Server backend application support web-based and desktop client console, and also support direct connect with customer¡¦s existing enterprise system through standard interface such as using Web Services for the integration of the JDTS to their current operational system.

System Architecture
The system architecture of the JDTS divided in several layers, the Application Communication layer, the Open API layer and the layer consists of standard application for different industries, such as logistics, transportation, cleaning services. Also through the Open API, it is able to develop tailor-made application by the company or 3rd party developers.
The overall design of the system will be standardized in two levels, (i) the application programming interface (the Open API) and, (ii) Industry-oriented standard application:
The standardization in the API level can reduce the development effort in the future tailor-made customer projects and also able to provide 3rd party developer to explore this market segment or extend the customer¡¦s enterprise system to include the mobile job dispatch and tracking function without intensive development effort, which can put more focus on the business logics, so that the application can be developed with less effort and higher user satisfaction and quality.
For the standardization on the application level (ii) is to build standard industry-oriented application, such as pick-up service in transportation, delivery service in logistics industry etc. This kind of application suitable from the SME to large enterprise, require relatively simple and standard job dispatch and tracking functions, with simple customization and configuration, the system can be deployed in less than 2 weeks after the requirements capture finished. This can reduce the entry barrier of adopting the application by reducing the time and cost.

With the advancement of mobile technologies on both hardware and network, and continuous price drop on Smartphone devices and mobile network services, using Smartphone and mobile application become more and more popular in daily life, this create an opportunity that increase in adoption of mobile solutions and more and more feasible in business operation by using Smartphone or tablet devices for the job dispatch and tracking application. The implementation of mobile solutions in workforce no longer need a huge investment on specialized portable device, with the large number of choices of Smartphone and tablet devices on the market, and also with the standardization of the JDTS applications, organization can deploy the solution in a fast and economical way with lower total cost of ownership and increase in the rate of return on investment.

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