Company Profile
InmoTECH Development Limited is a mobile solution provider, specialized on mobile application and backend platform development, from mobile app, backend system to special hardware and firmware design and development. We provide development services for tailor-made customer projects and also developing standard solutions for different industries that need to have solution for their mobile workforce.
Company Vision
Provide low-cost, fast-deploy, flexible and reliable mobile application solutions for the business and non-business organization with low entry barrier to capture the un-capture market on mobile solutions.
  • Develop a standard framework and protocol for the mobile application.
  • Develop open mobile application platform through standardization of the system, application and data structure.
  • Develop a set of standard functional libraries to increase the reusability of the system components which in order to reduce the development cost and speed up the deployment time.
  • Develop both hardware and software products to suitable different levels of needs and increase the entry barriers for the competitors.
  • Provide flexible solution offering from turn-key or customization projects to standard service subscription basis.
  • Provide option for the customer or third-party developers to develop their own applications on the service or turn-key platform.
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